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Vaginal tightening

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Vaginal tightening (surgical vaginoplasty) Age and childbirth results in a loss of vaginal tissue strength and function. Vaginal tissue, including muscle tone and strength decreases, resulting in altered appearance, laxity and loss of sexual pleasure in some cases. Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal tightening, is a precise surgical procedure to tighten lax muscles and tissues, removing excess vaginal canal skin resulting, in a tighter vaginal opening and canal. Using the latest laser technology and sutures, the cosmetic and functional results are significantly better than traditional techniques. A measured approach is taken, with a detailed consultation in clinic to determine your desired results. Vaginoplasty can be combined with stem cell vaginal rejuvenation for optimal results. Recovery is quick and sexual activity can resume in 6-8 weeks FAQs: Am I a suitable candidate for vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty)? A consultation with our expert will be necessary to determine if laser, stem cell or surgical vaginal rejuvenation surgery is the right treatment for you. The decision will depend on your degree of vaginal laxity, desired results as well as coexisting problems such as urinary incontinence, recurrent vaginal infections, sexual function and pleasure. In some cases, a combination of procedures may be recommended. Your FREE consultation process begins with just a short phone conversation, an email or a WhatsApp chat to us, so we know what you want to achieve. You will be invited for a FREE video call consultation with the surgeon to discuss every aspect of your treatment package. Here you can ask any questions you may have. Book your free consultation today. COSTS £4125 Vaginoplasty / Vaginal Tightening £4825 Vaginoplasty with stem cell vaginal rejuvenation

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