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Stem cell vaginal rejuvenation

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What is stem cell vaginal rejuvenation?

Stem cell cells are cells capable of differentiating to replace lost tissue in any part of the human body. Vaginal stem cell rejuvenation utilises stem cells derived from your own blood sample. The blood is processed and the derives stem cells transferred into vaginal skin tissue.

The stem cells stimulate new growth to replace the lost collagen tissue. This increases vaginal mucosa elasticity, improving its function and appearance.
The results are a healthier sexual life, reduced vaginal dryness as well as recurrent vaginal infections. Combining the procedure with stem cell transfer and infusion in the clitoris area increases its sensitivity, for enhanced sexual pleasure.
For women with significant childbirth associated vaginal laxity, Vaginoplasty or Femifine laser vaginal rejuvenation can be combined with stem cell vaginal rejuvenation for optimal results.


How is stem cell vaginal rejuvenation performed?

A blood sample is taken from you then processed to isolate Stem cells. In some cases, a small-scale liposuction from an appropriate body location (e.g. thighs, etc) could also be performed for more stem cells in addition to the blood derived ones for a longer lasting effect.
Using a sterile processing technique, concentrated stem cells are isolated, then transferred to the desired vaginal tissue.

What anaesthesia is used for stem cell vaginal rejuvenation?

Stem cell vaginal rejuvenation is performed under local anaesthetic. Where combined with vaginoplasty or liposuction, light sedation may be required.

What is the duration of stem cell rejuvenation procedure?

The procedure takes 1-2 hours depending on whether liposuction or other additional procedures such as surgical vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) is performed at the same time.

What is the cost of stem cell vaginal rejuvenation?

The cost of the procedure is individually tailored. It would depend on the type and extent of your treatment.
Depending on the desired results, a combination of procedures may be required. The exact cost will be confirmed following your surgeon’s consultation. We guarantee that this will be the price that you will pay with no additional hidden costs.

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£1200 Stem cell vaginal rejuvenation

“If booked together your 2nd treatment will be offered at half-price”

David Ogutu

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