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Cosmetic gynaecology has become increasingly popular with women of all ages as it becomes less of a sensitive and taboo subject.

As a result, we now provide our patients with many types of cosmetic gynaecology treatments, surgical and non-surgical. And as a team of reproductive medicine and surgery specialists, with additional accreditation in cosmetic gynaecology, we are one of the very few accredited cosmetic gynaecologists, providing a holistic service for optimal cosmetic and functional results.

Responsible and respectful of a woman’s physical and psychological need.

At Gynaecare, we ensure that we spend time with our patients answering their questions and encouraging them to be better informed about the procedures they are interested in before we decide on a course of action. We also work with a qualified psychologist who we will bring in to support our patients if necessary.

Our goal is always to support our patients and to help them to understand what they need, and what they want to achieve, and whether the treatment they want will help them do so.

We also see many patients for second opinion or revision surgery, where careful assessment of their gynaecological health, including cervical health, hormonal imbalance, relation of genitalia to surrounding structures such as bowel or bladder are considered carefully.

For more general information on cosmetic gynaecology, download our article on Cosmetic Gynaecology and You

Cosmetic gynaecology post childbirth

Postpartum gynaecological changes, along with the changes are experiences many women share, but when they lead to pain, discomfort, embarrassment, a loss of self-confidence or self-esteem, then they shouldn’t be ignored.

Download our article on Post-childbirth Gynaecology for more information or book an appointment for an
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