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Cometic Gynaecology and You

Could Cosmetic Gynaecology be for you?

Women are talking much more frankly about the effects of childbirth, painful periods, and
the effects of menopause, or ageing on their bodies. Cosmetic gynaecology can offer vital
medical, functional and psychological benefits to those women who really need it.

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The different types of cosmetic gynaecology

At Gynaecare cosmetic gynaecology clinic, Mr Ogutu, an accredited cosmetic gynaecology surgeon provides all types of cosmetic gynaecology services, surgical and non-surgical.
For many years, plastic surgeons carried out cosmetic gynaecology procedures. However, it is now recognised that cosmetic gynaecology involves much more than cutting out excess labial skin in labiaplasty or tightening the vagina in vaginoplasty. Cosmetic gynaecology should therefore be performed by accredited cosmetic
We see many patients for second opinion or revision surgery, where careful assessment of their gynaecological health, including cervical health, hormonal imbalance, relation of genitalia to surrounding structures such as bowel or bladder was not put into consideration, resulting in suboptimal results.
As a reproductive medicine and surgery specialist, with additional accreditation in cosmetic gynaecology, we are one of the very few accredited cosmetic gynaecologists, providing a holistic service for optimal cosmetic and functional results.

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